Israeli home hit by Gaza rocket fire in southern Israel

by Avi Abelow

Did the world wake up yet? Does another Israeli home hit by rocket fire startle them yet? Israel is being attacked, and the world says nothing. Once again.

Israeli Home Hit

You cannot negotiate with Hamas terrorists. They do not want to negotiate. They want to destroy. Is it not clear enough from the rocket fire? Is it not clear enough to the world that an Israeli home hit by rocket fire is not as uncommon as it should be? Hamas wants to hit homes. Their goal is to destroy and kill the Jewish people.

Imagine if it was your neighborhood. Your street. Your home. You probably can’t. But for Israelis living along the southern border of Israel, they sadly do not need to imagine. For them, it is a reality. And for this family in the southern Israeli city of Sderot, their house was a target.

The World Cries “Settlements?”

“Settlements” are not the issue. Aside from the fact that they are towns and cities in Judea and Samaria, NOT settlements, terrorists and terrorist-sympathizers cannot use these so-called settlements as an excuse for rocket fire and terror. And besides, there are no “settlements” in southern Israel where Hamas is targeting Israelis. There are no “settlements” in Gaza, which Hamas controls.

So please, Bernie Sanders, do not speak about rescinding US aid to the Jewish state because of the way Israel treats the people of Gaza or because of “settlements.” Gaza is filled with terrorists – whom you want to give money to. Israel must defend itself against those terrorists, and you are trying to support the destruction of the Jewish state. Mr. Sanders, where are your comments about the incessant terrorism and rocket fire from Gaza and Palestinian Arab terrorists? Why haven’t you threatened them with anything, but you have threatened to essentially destroy the US relationship with Israel – America’s closest ally and only democracy in the Middle East?

The car outside the house.

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