Gantz Planning to Overthrow Netanyahu with the Israel-Hating Joint Arab List

by Avi Abelow

There is only one thing that “unifies” this Joint Arab list, the desire to wipe Israel off the map. Nobody says it better than Israel Hayom columnist Caroline Glick.

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The Joint Arab List is a political party in Israel’s parliament. It just won 15 seats in the recent elections. However, it does nothing to help Israeli Arab citizens, it exists in order to promote an agenda of destroying Israel as the Jewish State. Likud does more for Arab Israeli citizens than this Joint Arab list party.

The only way Benny Gantz, Blue & White leader and head of the anti-Bibi Netanyahu forces, can form a government without Netanyahu is if it has the support of this Joint Arab List party.

How can any Israeli, or Israel supporter, support having this list or these politicians have the power to politically blackmail an Israeli government in order to exist? How are they even allowed to serve in Israel’s parliament, when their parliamentarians go against Israeli law and even support terrrorists?

If Gantz moves forward and establishes a minority government with the support of this Joint Arab List, we will have fourth elections in a matter of months and the punishment against all the Zionist parties taking part in this dangerous coup will be powerful and swift. Most Israelis, even who dislike Netanyahu, are not able to accept working together with this anti-Israel list to topple Netanyahu.

Nobody else is saying the truth about this party like Caroline.

The Joint Arab List in Action in Sachnin, Israel

Just watch the video above to see masses of Israeli Arabs demonstrate in an Israeli city. The demonstration was led by the Joint Arab list party. Do you think Gantz should rely on such a party to topple Netanyahu?

The above video was filmed back in 2016 by filmmaker Igal Hecht who used the footage in a movie he produced/directed called My Home.

As Hecht recently posted on his facebook face: “The film has been showcased all over the world, including the BBC and has won a number of awards. The film followed Arab Israelis. Some of our main characters were members of the Joint Arab List Party. That very same party that Blue and White wants to form a coalition with. This is a short scene of what the new Zionist partners of Blue and White, Liberman and the Israeli political left are really all about. In case you were wondering, the protest did take place inside Israel.”

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