Leftwing Coup Underway To Unseat Bibi Netanyahu

by David Mark

A coup is underway. Although Bibi Netanyahu’s Likud and satellite parties have garnered 58 seats as a opposed to 40 seats for Gantz and the Left, Blue and White leader Benny Gantz is threatening to table a new bill that will prevent an indicted MK from former a government.

If Gantz’s bill passes it will prevent Bibi from being Prime Minister. The Supreme Court has already hinted that it may allow it.

This would negate the will of a majority of Zionist and Jewish citizens in Israel, effectively rendering the results of the election obsolete. The question is if they have the votes. Although there is no chance of Gantz making a 62 seat coalition with Liberman’s secularists and the anti-zionist Joint List he can rely on these to pass such a bill.

If the bill passes the Supreme Court would debate it and may actually allow it to become law. So what then? Israel would enter unchartered territory with what can only be seen as a coup to remove the Prime Minister underway.

It is important to note that the results of the election in all other times would have quickly resulted in a coalition. The boycott of the Prime Minister is unprecedented. If this bill would go forward it would tear Israeli society apart.

Unfortunately, events are preceding exactly the way I predicted in my Dec. 26th article on Israel Rising.

If They Cannot Have It They Will Destroy It

Before Menachem Begin, leader of the Irgun and future Prime Minister was almost killed by Ben Gurion’s Haganah for bringing in a boatload of weapons into the Land of Israel, he had an important conversation with Israel Eldad, one of the leaders of the Lechi.

Eldad warned Begin that the Haganah would try to kill him, but Begin wouldn’t listen to his friend’s warnings and insisted that all Jewish forces are fighting for the same thing.

Eldad said, “They will not ever let you take control. This is theirs and they would rather let it be destroyed than hand it over to you.”

This is what the Left is doing now. They are the grandchildren of the ruling elite, the founders of the original State of Israel and now they would rather let it tear itself apart than let Netanyahu along with the Religious, Middle Eastern, Settlers and Traditional Jews take over.

Why Doesn’t Bibi Step Down For Now?

Many people who are right wing have suggested that Bibi step down until his name is cleared. Although this suggestion makes sense on the surface, it disregards the danger of such a move.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennet was asked in October of last year why he still supports Netanyahu despite the pending indictments and he responded by saying:

“My fellow friends on the Right,” Bennett wrote on Facebook. “One thing must be clear: If law-enforcement officials take down Netanyahu just because of cigars and positive press online, this will be a deadly blow to our entire ideological bloc. Any leader on the Right that would follow Netanyahu would be too scared of confronting the media and law enforcement.”

Ultimately, we are facing a seditious and well calculated coup against the most successful Prime Minister the State has had. Netanyahu may not be perfect, but under his tenure Israel has become a world power. Of course this is what the Left hates more than anything else – traditional Jews assuming the mantle of leadership they assumed was going to be theirs.

In the coming weeks Israel is entering a period of time of increased chaos, with the potential to wreck havoc on the social fabric of the country. Responsibility for this rests on the Left’s shoulders.

Will we stand up and say enough?

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