Netanyahu Won Big, But He Didn’t – The Must-See Israel Election Breakdown

by Avi Abelow

Yes! PM Benjamin Netanyahu just won a huge election, BUT he did not win enough to be able to put together a governing coalition government. So, Israel today is still in a limbo state without a functioning government. Follow along as I explain this complex situation as simply as possible.

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Israel is a parliamentary system where a party leader must put together a coalition of parties to have at least 61 seats out of the 120 seat parliament. That majority is essential in order to be a functioning government able to pass laws. 

The forces against Bibi Netanyahu in this election were tremendous. Israel’s deep state has created a legal nightmare for Bibi, with three separate indictments that nearly half of the Israeli public believe are fabricated to topple Bibi. On top of that, the justice system pushes off all investigations into potential illegalities of Bibi’s rivals, and even placed legal gag orders on all the information dealing with those cases. As if that was not enough, the leftist mainstream media ignored all stories and exposes that would have exposed potential corruption and leadership problems with the contending Blue & White Party and its leadership. Instead the mainstream media pummeled the anti-Bibi messaging and storyline. 

Can you imagine running a political campaign against all that? At least in America Trump has Fox News to give some balance in the media, but here in Israel we have no major media network with a conservative bent reporting the balanced truth of both sides.

Yet, Even with all that, Bibi succeeded in pulling off an unbelievable election feat and having the Likud win the most seats out of all the parties and win the largest block of parties to be able to put together a governing coalition government. 

However, the magic number is 61 and, as of now, Bibi’s right-wing block only won 58 seats.

However the left can’t put together a functioning majority government either. Israel’s left has been decimated to around 40 seats. The remaining 20 seats are split between the joint Arab list and a “right-wing” Russian list. 

Those two parties will never sit together!

The joint Arab list includes Israeli Arabs who are totally ungrateful for the freedom & equality they enjoy as Israeli citizens and instead support the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state with some who openly even support terrorists who kill innocent Israelis!

The right-wing Russian list is not really a left-wing list, its leader just hates Bibi and wants to topple him!

As of now, the only thing that unites this coalition of leftists, Arabs and right-wing Russian list is the desire to topple Bibi Netanyahu. Even though they can’t form a government they might try to topple Bibi with a legal coup that forbids him to form a government due to his indictments. 

However, there are two problems with that direction:

1. Such a law is undemocratic because it then allows any Tom, Dick or Harry to just petition the activist leftist courts to open up cases to indict politicians to stop them for being able to be Prime Minister, neutering the will of the people.

And 2. Israel will be going to fourth elections in a few months anyway, because that coalition of leftists, Arabs and right-wing Russians won’t be able to function together. They basically will get together to pass one law to topple Bibi and then go back to elections.

The left must be stopped. Period! Netanyahu has been the best Prime Minister ISRAEL has ever had. And it’s up to the will of the people to decide when he should step down, not a leftist justice system, partnered with a leftist media with the support of vindictive politicians.

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