This Hilarious Viral Purim Video Tells The Story Amazingly

by Phil Schneider

The story of Purim is one that is beyond amazing – on so many levels. This group is known for their Accappela creations. But this musical creation explains the entire unbelievable story in such a manner that is hilarious and rather accurate.

The Purim story took place in Persia around 2,200 years ago – in the height of the Persian Empire. The Jewish people were largely dispersed throughout the Empire following the destruction of the 1st Temple in Jerusalem.

In a fascinating turn of events, the Jewish people went from a threat of total destruction to the beginning of the rebuilding of the 2nd Temple and the return to the Land of Israel. A central tent of Jewish life is God’s hidden involvement in our every day life. Whether we realize it or not, He is always involved and guiding things – in good times and bad.

So, what seemingly looks like coincidence is actually planned. This is the norm in our life, but we often overlook it. On Purim, we recognize that the extraordinary is often hidden inside the ordinary. Our job is to keep this awareness as a constant in order to live an inspired existence.

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