Political Bombshell: Coalition Chair Quits Coalition Breaking Israeli Government

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, this is pretty big news. The Israeli government and its coalition may not totally fall apart yet, but it can’t last much longer.

Israeli Government Begins to Fall Apart

How can an Israeli government ever be strong and last when it has the Right, the far, far-Left, and Arab terrorists on the same “team?” Well, as many predicted, it was just a matter of time until it would begin to unravel. The demise has begun. After Idit Silman quit the government as part of Yamina’s party, PM Naftali Bennett’s party, PM Bennett has now lost his majority vote. There are strong rumors that others may quite as well as Bennett now lacks the 61 member majority to stay in power.

This might ultimately result in new elections. Again. Silman has been offered a position by Likud in a potential next government.

Israelis and Arabs SHOULD work together. They should live peacefully and help create a strong Jewish state. But when those Arabs are terrorists who incite violence and promote the killing of Jews and the obliteration of the Jewish state, then that is where Israel should put its foot down. That is when a coalition should never be formed – with terrorists. Unity is not about terrorists and non-terrorists uniting.

Let’s hope that whatever happens next will benefit the Jewish people and the Jewish state and not harm it.

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