This Is Why Germany Is About To Starve

by David Mark

While the Biden administration issues daily threats to India to hold back from aligning itself with Russia, American allies in Europe, like Germany are feeling severe economic pressure to break ranks with NATO and soften its stance on Russia. How did this come about?

Not only is it well known that Germany imports 30% of its oil and gas from Russia, it also imports a sizable amount of grain from Russia as well. Food prices are already skyrocketing and with no end of the war in sight – there is a real possibility that many Germans may starve.

Germany used to be considered the leading country in the EU – an unstoppable engine driving the EU’s economy. However, the Russia-Ukraine war has exposed Germany’s weakness and in a way done more harm to the EU than any direct conflict could have.

With nothing else in its “back pocket” Germany’s leaders are going full steam into the Biden play book. If America is forced to recede then Germany stands a real chance of imploding. With no gas and food – Putin’s Russia wins without firing a shot.

Putin’s order to demand payments from “unfriendly” countries in rubles for gas and oil is about to force Germany to decide whether or not to continue with Biden or rebuild its relationship Russia.

Either choice will be precarious.

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