The Question That You Need to Ask Before Ever Judging Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Every time you hear something about Israel on the news, do you judge? Or do you ask yourself this question?

Why is Israel so Judged?

The Jewish state is an unbelievable country. And yet, so many people miss that. They judge. They treat Israel as an oppressive regime. But what would you do if you lived here? Or if you were running the government? How would you respond to Israel’s struggles and fight against its enemies?

So much of the world looks at the tiny sliver of land, and they do not care about the truth. They do not care that the one and only Jewish country just wants to live peacefully but is forced to go to war sometimes by its hostile neighbors. Israel must defend itself. The government must defend its citizens – even if it gives them bad press coverage. Human life should matter more than what the world thinks.

And then at the same time, these same people who criticize Israel still want to benefit from everything Israel has to offer. People don’t want to admit it, but it is nearly impossible to live life without benefitting from something that Israel has developed.

So stop criticizing Israel. Start looking at the truth and everything this tiny country does to be peaceful and giving. Look how moral the Jewish people and the Jewish state are! Don’t believe all the headlines. Ask yourself and others the question of this video. And maybe try to understand a little bit more.

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