Leaked Video of Disney Exec Reveals Disturbing Truth About the Company

by Phil Schneider

Who is over the age of 40 and has not grown up on Sesame Street? Who has not once brought their children to Disney or watched a Disney-inspired movie? The impact of children shows on the world is immense and should not be underestimated. What we see at a young age is what defines normalcy for one’s views throughout life. Well, the Disney brass knows this too and has evidently made some far-reaching decisions in the progressive direction.

Now, we can all be rest assured that 50% of the lead characters in Disney attractions will be LGBT. After all, what could be better than that? Now, we can be able to sleep well at night knowing that our 3,5, 7, and 10 year old children know that it is perfectly normal and acceptable to be lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender. There is no right or wrong anymore in terms of family structure. There are only feelings that can be violated that need to be focused on. The madness continues to get worse.

When Disney decides to take the route of so much of Silicon Valley, and the most fundamental building block of the world, the nuclear family, is looked down upon as an antiquated idea, then trouble is on the way.

So many issues of crime and drugs are the result of the breakdown of the family unit in so many instances. But the LGBT community treats the family unit as a flexible structure without any positive or negative ramifications for the future. Time will tell if the LGBT movement continues to grow in influence over time or if it matures into less of a pride movement and more of an acceptance movement. As things are now, it is becoming harder and harder to do seemingly harmless things like going to visit Disney.

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