Peace Talks Fail, Poland Pushes Armed “Peace Keeping” Mission For Ukraine

by David Mark

The latest peace overtures from Russia to Ukraine have reached another impasse, even though Russia apparently gave Zelensky what he wanted.

Zelensky got a boost from three NATO leaders, the presidents of Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Poland as they crossed into Ukraine and met with Zelensky in Kiev. NATO has taken a more active role in the Russia-Ukraine war. As the Ukrainian armed forces have performed better than expected, (given the amount of state of the art weapons the West has already delivered) NATO has decided to increase arms shipments and support.

Using his acting talent in the international arena, Zelensky has done a good job in rallying Western countries to his side. More and more Western politicians seem to be warming up to a no-fly zone and more muscular intervention.

Perhaps this is why the Russian peace offer to Ukraine was rebuffed, when days earlier it was Zelensky who asked the Russians for peace in exchange for Ukrainian neutrality – the very same offer the Russians just offered Ukraine.

US support for armed intervention continues to rise and now stands at more than 1/3 according to the PEW Research Center. “About a third (35%) of Americans say they would favor military action in this scenario. Comparable shares in both parties (36% of Republicans, 35% of Democrats) say they would favor military action even if it risks nuclear conflict with Russia.”

Western media, along with social influencers and politicians have done an excellent job laying the groundwork in the public for entering the war. 24/7 news coverage using selected clips and pictures have solidified the David vs. Goliath motif necessary to stir impassioned support for Ukraine. This is despite the fact that NATO has been planning this for quite some time and had already delivered tank killing weapons the Ukrainians are now using.

NATO has long supported confronting Russia directly. By pumping Ukraine up with state of the art weapons over the last 8 years as well as engaging in dangerous bioweapons research close to Russia, the die was cast for a Russian invasion – something NATO needed in order to have the reason to confront Putin directly.

What was recently unthinkable is now spoken about as something reasonable. Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński said the following during his trip to Kiev: “I think that it is necessary to have a peace mission – NATO, possibly some wider international structure – but a mission that will be able to defend itself, which will operate on Ukrainian territory.”

Such a “peace keeping” mission would trigger World War 3. Then again NATO seems to be interested in such a conflict, why else have they been spending so much money and effort militarizing Ukraine knowing it would cause a Russian invasion.

There are no good guys in the current race towards global destruction – only self interest and the need to gain more and more power.

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