The Shocking Connection Between the Purim Holiday and Nazi War Criminals

by Phil Schneider

The Purim holiday is not a Jewish holiday that originates in the Bible. It is a holiday that began around 2200 years ago, when the Jewish people were largely in the exile. The story of Purim took place in the Persian Empire, the dominant Empire of the time. It is a riveting story of one seeming coincidence after another. But, an essential message of the Bible is the Hidden Hand of God in history.

The enemies of the Jewish people come in many different forms over history. The Amalekite form is the form that attempts to literally wipe out the entire Jewish people. This is a rare form. In the time of Moses, there was a battle against Amalek. In the time of Saul, Amalek was also battled. But Amalek continued on and on for generations. In the Persian Empire, Haman, a descendant of Amalek attempted to wipe out the entire Jewish people and was given the power to do so.

Through an amazing string of coincidences, not only was Haman unable to realize his heinous goals, but Haman himself was deposed and wiped out. But there are some even more amazing aspects to the story. Haman had 10 sons and they were also killed. Following their death, Queen Esther, the heroine of the story of Purim is given the chance to request one additional request by King Ahasverosh. Part of her request is to hang the already killed sons of Haman. This is of course, a very strange demand.

But the connection to 20th century events is unbelievable. This was a mystery for centuries. Today, it has been revealed.

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