Here is Everything You Need to Know About the Conflict with Russia and Ukraine

by Phil Schneider

The two countries Russia and Ukraine have a long and tangled past. For many years, they were one unit. For many years, they were separated. The one common denominator that seems to have held for centuries is that the status quo did no hold in the region for very long. Over and over again, Ukraine was invaded and changed hands.

Perhaps it is the location of the Ukraine – on the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Perhaps it is the fact that the land of the Ukraine is rich and excellent for growing wheat. The Ukraine has been labeled the breadbasket of Asia and Europe for a reason. But in today’s day ad age, Putin seems bothered by the encroachment of NATO on his western borders. Moreover, Vladimir Putin seems driven by a goal to create a new Russian Empire. And for that, he most definitely needs to take over the wealth and land of the Ukraine in order to influence economies all over the world.

But are there other things going on beneath the surface that have not yet been revealed? Is the fact that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is deeply invested in Ukraine, via his monetization efforts of his father’s position, also a factor? Probably. Is Putin concerned about China’s growing world influence? Probably.

But the greatest factor is that all of the military might of the United States was powerless to keep Afghanistan from falling apart and back in the hands of the Taliban. So, the brutal dictators of the world, both small and large, raised an eyebrow. No matter what other underlying reasons may exist, the factor of a weak President in the Oval Office was probably the #1 factor.

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