Iraqi Muslims Wave Israeli Flag in Response to Iranian Terror Attack

by Avi Abelow

Iran fired missiles at the US Consulate in Northern Iraq. Iran is also constantly trying to destroy Israel, but some Muslims seem to be supporting Israel more than ever, and publicly!

Israeli Flags in Northern Iraq

The Islamic State of Iran is the biggest state-sponsor of terrorism in the world and constantly uses its terror tentacles to hurt Israel.

Much of the Iranian people despise their Islamic government. And many Muslims throughout the world recognize how evil the regime is. This is one example. The translation of the Tweet that goes along with this video is (according to Google Translate):

“A video from the night in the city of Arbil in Kurdistan in northern Iraq, proudly waving the Israeli flag. This is happening in a demonstration following the Iranian attack on their territory. Iran wants to eliminate Israel but in the meantime only strengthens our relations with Muslim peoples and with Arab countries in the Middle East!”

Thanks to the groundbreaking Abraham Accords by former President Trump and former Prime Minster Netanyahu, many Muslims in the Middle East are overcoming the decades of hatred towards Israel and the Jews and now supporting Israel, thanks to learning the truth about the Jewish State of Israel.

While Iran continuously tries to harm and even destroy Israel, it is a blessing to see more and more Muslims support Israel, even by waving Israeli flags. They are doing the opposite of supporting the Iranian regime!

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