A Purim Music Video That Will Liven up Your Holiday

by Leah Rosenberg

Gad Elbaz is an extremely entertaining Jewish performer. Check out his newest Purim music video for this year!

The Purim Music Video to Remember

On the holiday of Purim, Jews express their happiness and joy for G-d saving them thousands of years ago. It seemed like everything was over for the Jewish people. An evil decree to destroy them! But then, G-d turned everything around and saved the nation of Israel.

We still celebrate that today. We still thank G-d and express our gratitude and joy for saving us and continuing to watch over the Jewish people.


Once there was a mighty king
Achashverosh was his name
From the land of Persia
We hear that he came

It is very difficult to try to explain
How he ever managed to get this silly name

Chorus: Achashverosh, Achashverosh Achashverosh, Achashverosh

Haman his advisor persuaded the king
To slay the Jews of Shushan
An evil decree
Jews of the kingdom, they wept they cried
They didn’t know what to do
How to save their lives

The righteous Mordechai told Esther the news
She asked the Jews to fast and pray
Three anxious days Esther planned a banquet for the king and his men
She told Achashverosh Haman’s wicked plans


The king was filled with anger and rose into a rage
“Hang haman on those gallows!” He loudly exclaimed ‎

U’Mordechai yatza milifnei hamelech bilvush malchut ve’ateret zahav.

Fourteenth day of Adar a time of light and joy
A Purim feast to celebrate a joyous holiday.

Col. Kemp

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