Jewish Acapella Band Produces Viral Purim Disney Song

by Leah Rosenberg

This Jewish acapella band, the Maccabeats, took a popular Disney movie and combined it with the Purim holiday to create a masterpiece!

The Lyrics to the Purim Jewish Acapella Band Song

We don’t talk about Haman, nah nah nah. We don’t talk about Haman. But! In year 12 of the king (In year 12 of the king). Recently promoted, he was casting lots for every date (No Jews allowed in the land). Lands on Adar, aimed at Jews near and far (Dun dun dun!!). Is this the end for the tribe? (Ha’ir shushan navocha…). Haman says, “Hey king, see here” (What did he tell him?) “They disobey us with no fear” (What a miserable felon!).

Grinning ear to pointy ear (What a heinous foe, you gotta know). We don’t talk about Haman, nah nah nah, We don’t talk about Haman! Hey, Haman’s really clever, malevolent and cunning. Paid a lot of silver to get his mission running we associate him with the sound of casting lots (ts ts ts). Rage in his heart – Mordechai wouldn’t bow Queen’s gambit opening, manipulate the crown the king is the pawn and Haman calls the shots Haman calls the shots! Standing at the gate, idol round his neck If you don’t bow down you might just be next. Yeah he haunts your dreams, his name makes you scream. We don’t talk about Haman, nah nah nah, We don’t talk about Haman. Built gallows of 50 arms meant for my head (nah nah) I tore all my shirts and robes. From what he had said… (nah nah). They wrote in every script and language how he wanted us dead (nah, nah!). We faced defeat with the edicts being read. Don’t Talk about Haman (Why did we talk about Haman) Not a word about Haman (Every year we talk about Haman).

She’s the new queen at your service. And they can’t know that she’s not Persian. She’s got towers, she’s got perches. Oughta show that she knows what her worth is. She don’t ask how hard the work is Got a quiet, infallible surface. Diamonds and platinum, kings got ‘em, She has’em. She loves what she’s handed, she follows commandments. But! She’s feelin’ nervous. She doesn’t know if her efforts’ll save us or if they’re gonna hurt us. She’s feelin’ nervous. Her people need help, I can’t tell if she asks am I worthy, did I earn this? She’s feelin’ nervous. Was all she went through worthless? How can she be of service? The law is wack. Our people wearing sacks. And covered up in black. She wants her nation’s back! She’s Esther, she was picked, picked, picked for the Persian crown. Esther but she’ll trip, trip, trip if she doesn’t look down. Gotta face her fears and this heavy burden if she doesn’t want to see her people’s final curtain. How does she decide? Which play does she call? After all, she’s Esther with a grip, grip, grip that’ll never fade Esther and she’ll stick, stick, stick to the plan she made, whoa. She’ll walk up to the throne, hoping for the scepter. Am I Hadassah or am I Esther? Here she is, I know she’s got what it takes. No cracks, no breaks. No mistake, she’s Esther.

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