PM Netanyahu at Gaza border showing support for IDF

by Leah Rosenberg

Bibi Netanyahu went to the Gaza border to show support for the Israel Defense Forces. As the leader of Israel, he personally went to defend the defenders.

PM Bibi Netanyahu Believes in the IDF

It is amazing to see a leader who wants to show his support for all the defenders of the land and nation of Israel. Because Israel is such a small country, every soldier feels like a brother, sister, son, daughter, and any other family member. It is a unique connection that Jews walking through the streets of Israel feel when they see a soldier in uniform. And Bibi Netanyahu feels the same way. He was once a soldier in the Special Forces. And he also lost his brother in Operation Thunderbolt at Entebbe. So he knows. He understands these soldiers and the anxieties their families feel on a daily basis.

Bibi Netanyahu wants to give the IDF his full support and encourage them in all their endeavors. When he visited, he said, “I was very impressed by what I saw here.  And I know that like me, every Israeli citizen believes in the IDF and gives it their backing ahead of any possible development.”

The IDF is Ready

No soldier wants to be standing at the Gaza border. Israel just wants peace. But because Hamas won’t stop their terrorism, Israel is forced to defend. And as PM Netanyahu said, “The IDF is ready for any scenario.” It is important for the world and Israel’s enemies to know that. It does not mean they WANT to fight.  But whatever is necessary to defend the Jewish people and their land, the IDF will do. Israel can be strong and ready without being aggressive and oppressive.

With a strong leader and a strong army, Israel is ready for everything. But at the same time, they hope that they won’t have to do anything.

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