An exclusive interview with Katie Hopkins in Israel that EVERYONE needs to see!

by Leah Rosenberg

Katie Hopkins is clearly a fearless TV personality. She understands well and knows how to eloquently speak on Israel’s behalf.


Donald Trump has been having lots of fun whenever CNN is in the media crowd.  He clearly relishes the power that he has to call them fake news in front of millions of viewers.  Well, Katie Hopkins has nowhere near the power that President Trump has.  But she is willing to make a similar stand against BBC.  Her label of BBC reporting as propaganda is very important.  It has been this way for many decades.

The left has so much dominance over certain media channels, and Katie is not willing to take it on the chin.  She argues that she is not in the minority.  Unsure if she is right or not on that.

Mayor of London

She is clearly appalled by the decision to allow Muslims to march down the streets of the capital of England with Palestinian flags.  The Mayor’s criticism of President Trump is another matter that she is clearly against.

Her opinion is that Israel should kick out returning Jihadis.  She believes that terrorists ought to be thought of as dangerous sub-humans.  Controversial?  Yes.  Is there logic to what she says?  Yes.  Israel’s TV interviewer confronts her as being a racist.  But she is unmoved by that.  She has simple down-to-earth remarks and no regrets that she is exactly the opposite of political correctness.  She’s actually quite refreshing to listen to.

Katie Hopkins is an important voice in support of Israel.  Europe and England in particular need more voices like this.  A voice of reason and pride in family values and military strength.


Col. Kemp

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