70 reasons why you should visit Israel TODAY!

by Leah Rosenberg

If you wanted to know why you should visit Israel, here are just seventy out of a million reasons. You’ll be convinced in under five minutes!

Visit Israel

Israel is one of the most beautiful places in the world. If its views are not enough to convince you to come to Israel, there are so many other reasons to come. Israel has such rich history. You’ll visit places that are thousands of years old! And it does not matter what your religion is – you will be respected in Israel. That is the beauty of Israel’s democracy and freedom.

A Few of the 70 Reasons

There are so many reasons to come see Israel. Here are just a few:

(1) Israel’s startups
(2) Everyone feels like friends in Israel
(3) Israel revived an unspoken language – Hebrew
(4) Hummus
(5) Masada
(6) Most orchestras per capita
(7) Israel has the highest number of women entrepreneurs per capita
(8) Falafel
(9) The Dead Sea
(10) It is possible to cross through the entire country in under six hours

If you have ever visited Israel, you can come up with so many reasons yourself!

What the Media Says

The media will not tell you all the good things about Israel. They focus on war. They portray Israel as an oppressive nation, but it is completely false. It is upsetting that the media lies, and the world believes them. Does anyone check the facts? The truth about Israel is right there. The world just needs to open their eyes.

Within minutes of visiting Israel, you’ll see the truth for yourself. And then you can pick which of the 70 reasons is your favorite about Israel!

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