Israel Pulls Off Huge Evacuation Saving 800 Syrian Aid Workers Trapped in War Zone

by Avi Abelow

Israel pulled off a critical evacuation that saved the lives of 800 ‘White Helmet’ aid workers in Syria last night. PM Netanyahu reported that President Trump, PM Trudeau and other world leaders asked Israel to save these aid workers trapped in Syria.  Israel acted.  They evacuated them out of Syria and transferred them to Jordan.

Overnight Operation

The IDF spokesman released that overnight, the IDF carried out a special and extensive humanitarian aid operation.  They performed it in the 210th Division to rescue the members of the “White Helmets” humanitarian organization.  The lives of these aid workers were in danger, from the war zone in southern Syria.  They needed to get out to a neighboring country.

The White Helmet aid workers risked their lives to save others, and now they had to flee themselves. This is indicative of the situation in Southern Syria.  The Assad regime and its Iranian and Russian allies reconquered the rebel held areas. Now activists who have worked in the rebel-areas are running for their lives.

“Acting at the direction of President Trump, I had the privilege to work with the Israeli Government & my incredible colleagues at State & NSC in coordinating Israel’s daring rescue of #WhiteHelmets and their families from Syria. Thank you Israel for the great humanitarian effort!”

— David M. Friedman (@USAmbIsrael) July 22, 2018

Operation Good Neighbor

IDF Lt. Col. E., Commander of Operation “Good Neighbor” had the following statement.

“Standing on the border and receiving the families, mostly women and children, was an emotional experience. Families that arrived fearful, but when they reached the border with Israel, their eyes were filled with tears of happiness.  They knew that they have gotten their lives back. I’m proud to be an officer in an army and a country that carries out an operation filled with values of humanity and compassion.

This is the essence of our work, and this moment is invaluable.”

Gaza vs. Syria

While most of the headlines that deal with Gaza ignore the genocidal terror of Hamas and place blame on Israel, the situation in Syria shows the true picture of Israel.

Interestingly enough, last month Canadian PM Trudeau accused Israel of “excessive force.”  Why?  Because Israel eliminated genocidal Islamic jihad and Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Now Trudeau asked Israel to put IDF soldiers at risk in order to extricate 800 Syrians from a war zone.

Israel represents everything that is good in the Middle East.  Israel is even available to help civilians in an enemy country, that is still at war with Israel. While Syria has allowed Iran to use Syria as a launching pad to militarily harm Israel, Israel has all along assisted Syrian civilians in distress, including this evacuation.

Israel will continue to be a light unto the nations, regardless of the misleading news, headlines and statements from politicians that misrepresent our defensive war against those who call themselves “palestinian” Arabs in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

Dr. Risch

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