Using Pfizer Biden Takes Cheap Shots At Netanyahu

by Micha Gefen

President Biden and far left advisors have been pushed back on their pro-Iranian agenda from the beginning of Biden’s term by PM Netanyahu, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, as well as India.

In an attempt to get even with Netanyahu, the Biden administration has been trying negatively affect the current election campaign in Israel by getting involved with the current Pfizer CEO’s planned trip to Israel.

While the excuse for Bourla’s cancelled trip was supposedly due to his only being partially vaccinated, it appears there has been a push by the Biden administration behind the scenes to cancel the trip in order not be turned into a campaign event for Netanyahu.

Of course, what the Biden administration has yet to understand, is that when they attack Netanyahu, they increase his chances of winning. Just like during Obama’s tenure, when his administration meddled in the Israeli elections and Prime Minister Netanyahu turned it against his opponents, so to the same thing will happen now.

However, Biden and his team seem deaf to what is about to happen.

Arab Incitement
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