Secretary of State boldly responds to Ilhan Omar about the Iran deal

by Leah Rosenberg

Secretary of State Blinken may not always have it right. But he definitely stood his ground here as Ilhan Omar questioned him.

Secretary of State Silences Omar

The Biden administration has not gotten many things right. But when they do get something right, it’s okay to admit it. And here, Secretary of State Antony Blinken stood his ground as Ilhan Omar questioned him about the Iran deal. Omar thinks the U.S. should reenter the Iran deal without any conditions. She doesn’t care that Iran is moving closer to a nuclear weapon. She doesn’t care that Iran puts its own people at risk, the entire Middle East, and the entire world. She pestered Blinken with questions, but Blinken stood firm about what it would even take to reenter the deal.

Should the U.S. reenter the Iran deal? No, definitely not. It is a dangerous and foolish agreement. But at least the Secretary of State refuses to enter the deal if Iran won’t make any concessions.

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