Bibi answers what everyone has been dying to know in a pre-election interview

by Phil Schneider

The Israeli economy is in need of rebuilding. The United States economy is in need of rebuilding. All of the economies of the world are in need of rebuilding. The United States has Joe Biden leading the way, and with Congress, the United States has made the decision to hand out billions of dollars in order to boost the economy. It seems like it will certainly provide a short-term boost to the economy. But will it saddle future generations with enormous debt that will lead to even more dependence on China? We shall see.

However, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is perfectly poised to pick up a struggling economy and free up the State of Israel in order to allow the State of Israel to recover. Israel will also be using major stimulus payments in order to boost up the recovery. But more than anything else, the State of Israel needs to not only let things loosen up, but they need to make sure that Israeli companies are able to import and export via free trade practices and quick testing for corona. Businessmen travelling from abroad are the major investors that need to know that they will be able to freely come in to the State of Israel to analyze and invest in hi-tech companies that have major potential.

Israel’s present Prime Minister Netanyahu was formerly the Finance Minister of the State of Israel under Ariel Sharon. He was both popular and unpopular. He was unpopular with those who were used to living off of handouts and major subsidies. But he was supported by those who were looking to turn Israel into the Start-Up Nation. He succeeded despite causing a lot of angst among those who were accustomed to getting a thousand dollar check each month from the government. But Netanyahu persisted and brought the Israeli economy to levels of growth that were unheard of in the State of Israel. There will probably be a major economic boom in the coming years in the State of Israel.

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