Ben Shapiro and famous Jewish singer give stunning performance together

by Leah Rosenberg

This cannot get any better. Ben Shapiro is an Orthodox Jew first and foremost. Check out his skills with the one and only Eitan Katz.

Ben Shapiro and Eitan Katz

People in the Jewish and non-Jewish world know Ben Shapiro. He is a famous Conservative political commentator and hosts his own show. But some people may not also know how dedicated he is to his religion. As an Orthodox Jew, he studies the Bible, keeps Shabbat, and is a strong believer in G-d. Another fun fact about him is that he also is a master violinist.

Shapiro went to high school with a famous Jewish singer, Eitan Katz. Katz is one of the most popular singers in the Jewish world and performs at weddings, concerts, and more. His voice and tunes can truly bring you closer to G-d.

So, what is better than a little performance with Ben Shapiro and Eitan Katz? Nothing. This is perfection!

The Words

This song is one of Eitan Katz’s most famous songs. The words are from the special prayers recited during the High Holidays season. It is a prayer to G-d to spare us for His sake, not for ours. Because the soul and the body is G-d’s work, and we are pleading with Him to have compassion on us.

Katz created a tune for this song that Jews all over the world sing. It is really a beautiful and meaningful song. And with Shapiro by his side playing the violin, it is even better!

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