UN shamelessly condemns a dissident for exposing Venezuela’s crimes

by Leah Rosenberg

How much lower can the UN sink? What kind of organization is this? Venezuela has violated human rights, and the Council doesn’t care.

The UN has Lost it

No, the UN did not JUST lose it. This is not the first time they have scorned those who are moral and praised the immoral. This is not the first time they have condemned those who are right and applauded those who are wrong. But each time it happens, it gets more and more absurd.

Maria Corina Machado is a dissident. She is trying to expose the truth about Venezuela. She wants the world to know how terrible they are to their people and how violating human rights is the norm for them.

But somehow, the chair condemned HER instead of Venezuela. You would think that has to be a joke. You would think that they were not serious. But that is the sad truth about the United Nations. Their entire being is a joke.

There is no free speech in Venezuela. As Maria said, journalists and students are tortured and harassed. People are not cared for. Children have no food, education, or vaccines. People are dying. And the UN does not care. Instead, they were outraged at Maria Corina Machado for exposing the crimes of Venezuela. Absolutely sickening.

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