Pfizer CEO: “We placed the bet with Israel and we are so happy with the results.”

by Phil Schneider

When Prime Minister Netanyahu searched for a solution when he searched for a vaccine for the Coronavirus, there were a few different companies that were developing vaccines. Israel also has some serious research going on. But, the first companies out of the gate were Pfizer and Moderna. They came out with similar vaccines that claimed to be 95% successful at keeping people protected from the coronavirus pandemic.

What made the Pfizer solution so unique was that the CEO of Pfizer happened to be a person with unique lineage and therefore had a unique connection to the State of Israel. His parents were survivors of the Holocaust from Greece. Of all of the countries in Europe, Greece had one of the smallest Jewish populations. Yet, they were also hit very hard, and less than a few percent survived. A few of the lucky ones were the parents of the Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla. As a child of Holocaust survivors, he well understands the unique situation of the Jewish State.

When Prime Minister Netanyahu picked up the phone and called him incessantly, he understood that Netanyahu meany business. What ended up happening is that Israel became the first country to be more than 50% vaccinated, and seems to be well on it’s way to herd immunity. Bourla explains here that Netanyahu did not let up and made absolutely sure that Israel would have sufficient vaccines for all those who wanted to vaccinate. There are tens of countries that wish they were in Israel’s situation today – thanks to Benjamin Netanyahu and Pfizer.

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