Pelosi’s absurd response to Trump’s Middle East peace deals

by Leah Rosenberg

Can anything that President Trump does be a positive thing? In the mind of Nancy Pelosi, the answer is no. Anything that doesn’t advance the two state solution between Israel and Palestinians is bad. One second. Does she really have such tunnel vision that she can’t even see what is positive about Israel and two Arab countries making a peace agreement?

The disrespect between the Democratic leadership and President Trump has reached such a horrible low that American politics has become dull and predictable. This is not just due to the Democratic party. It is due to the divisive manner of speaking that President Trump has brought into the White House. Unfortunately, this clouds over some excellent policy decisions that he has made. In a normal situation, his accomplishments would place him as a clear front runner for reelection. But since he has been so controversial, there is now a uniquely divided electorate. There are at least 45% of the electorate that will definitely vote for Donald Trump and 45% that will not. That leaves a vicious fight for the 120% of the middle-of-the-roaders who will determine the election.

If the election is based on policy, Donald Trump should win handily. If it is based on style, both sides should lose. Donald Trump’s infantile name-calling should not allow him to even win a primary, let alone the Presidency. But, he has mastered the art of working the media to grab maximum attention at no charge. But, Joe Biden’s obvious lack of mental acuity should also be reason enough for him not making it on to the ballot. The state of the American political system has reached a low point. But, this will probably change by 2024 as a new leadership will take over in Congress and the Senate. The American public will probably crave a return to civility after so much rancor and discord in Washington. A unifying candidate will probably be the wining candidate. But, until then, things will be rather rocky.

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