“Palestinians” Blame Israel For Killing Al Jazeera Reporter – Footage Shows Otherwise

by David Mark

After a fierce gun battle in the Northern Samaria city of Jenin between the IDF and “palestinian” terror squads hiding there, it was discovered that an Al Jazeera “journalist” embedded with the terror squads was killed. The “palestinians” and their supporters around the world wasted no time blaming Israel. There is just one problem.

Footage released by the Israeli foreign ministry clearly shows “palestinian” terrorists screaming that they killed an IDF soldier, but no soldier was killed. When they went to retrieve the body, they find out that instead of being a soldier it was Shireen Abu Aqla an Al Jazeera reporter.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz had the following to say:

“First and foremost that I am very sorry for what happened. Secondly, currently we do not know what was the direct cause for Shireen’s death, and thirdly that I am, we are, very decisive to have a full-scale investigation of this process and we hope to get Palestinian cooperation on this issue, because without the report of the pathological surgery that she went through and the findings and the forensic findings, it will be very hard for us to figure out what exactly happened on the ground and it’s very important for us all.

While, the reporter’s unfortunate death is being used by those who often spread blood libels against Israel, the fact is that Al Jazeera as a news station does not cover the news, but rather is the propagandist arm of the Qatari government – essentially an enemy of Israel wearing a press jacket.

This reporter was in a dangerous situation, while the terror squad she was hiding out with began to rain down bullets onto IDF soldiers. It may be sad and unfortunate she was killed, but she was not hiding with the terror squad without knowledge that these guys were looking for a fight.

Not only is Israel not to blame as the evidence shows, but it is Al Jazeera’s responsibility to come clean and inform authorities that their reporters are not acting in good faith while being in Israel, but rather sympathizing with terrorists.

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