Why The Jewish Star Is So Important To Us

by Phil Schneider

The Jewish Star is a religious Jewish symbol that goes back many, many centuries. It is not a new Zionist concept that has taken root with the flag of the modern State of Israel. It is an ancient symbol that was only recently adopted to be the symbol of the modern flag of the State of Israel.

The flag of Israel evokes strong emotions by nearly everyone who sees it. It is not just a positive symbol. The Nazis used the symbol of the Jewish Star to label Jews, separate them out from the rest of society, dehumanize them, and eventually kill them.

But the Jewish Star, which represents Jewish pride, Jewish existence, and Jewish hope for the future has outlived the Nazis and all other oppressors of the Jewish people over the ages.

The Jewish Star – in a nutshell, means the following – Am Yisrael Chai – The Nation of Israel lives!

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