Is This The Biggest Scam In Our History?

by Phil Schneider

“Pseudo-moralistic stances.” This is the terminology that Jordan Petersen uses in order to describe the nearly obsessive focus on climate change among wide numbers of the population. This is not just among young people, but also among older and wiser people. But Petersen proposes that once climate change becomes a global problem that the most powerful countries and entities work to unite and deal with, the solutions will do more harm than the actual problem.

So what should be done? Petersen argues that since we can’t measure the efficacy of any of the solutions, therefore there is no actual solution except for one thing. He argues that the best thing to do is to raise the number of people who are in poverty out of poverty, as that has proven effective at getting people to not be as wasteful.

But, nearly every other proposal is not a uniting proposal, but a dividing proposal. He claims that child nutrition will take care of increasing brain power in the world and lead to coming up with better solutions in the future.

But electricity use is not going to go down in the world we live in. So much of the world is addicted to heat and electricity. So what is the solution to this problem? #1 – Recognize that there may not be any solution that is around the corner. #2 – Recognize that the problem may not be as acute as so many have argued. #3 – Keep brainstorming on real solutions that will make things better.

Dr. Risch

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