US Is About To Cede Its Sovereignty To The WHO

by Micha Gefen

Something scary is happening between the US and the WHO. The WHO is drawing up a Global Pandemic Treaty designed to curtail sovereignty of nations around the world in the hopes of placing more control into the hands of global elitists.

According to Dr. Mercola, “The World Health Organization has started drafting a global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness that would grant it absolute power over global biosecurity, such as the power to implement digital identities/vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations, travel restrictions, standardized medical care and more.”

Maajid Nawaz also chimed in on the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty:

Essentially the “treaty” gives sole power over the WHO to lock down countries for whatever “health” reason the international organization deems fit. This means that whole countries can experience Shanghai like lockdowns or forced vaccinations.

So is the Biden Administration signing onto this?

You bet and bringing most of the Western world with them. Of course that makes sense – the CCP controls the WHO and we all know who Biden is working for.

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