Israel Anti-Terror Soldier Is Killed In Jenin Battle

by Micha Gefen

A fighter from the elite Yamam anti-terror unit was killed today while coming under heavy fire in the Northern Samarian city of Jenin. Israeli security services have been active fighting “palestinian” terror squads occupying the city.

The Border Police stated: “The Border Police bow their heads in memory of the late Major Noam Raz, who fell this morning during a battle with armed terrorists who fired at our forces during an operation in the village of Burkin in the Jenin area. During a shootout with armed terrorists, Maj. Gen. Noam Raz was seriously injured and evacuated by helicopter to Rambam Hospital and was pronounced dead. The late Sergeant Noam Raz, 47, a resident of Kida, enlisted in 1999 and served for about 23 years in the unit as a fighter, paramedic, breacher, and sniper. He is survived by his wife and 6 children. Noam participated in hundreds of counterterrorism operations, undertaking great personal danger, and saved lives. He was brave, professional, and a humble officer.”

Along with the soldier, an army dog was also shot and killed by “palestinian” terrorists.

The IDF and elite police units have been active in Jenin for days now. Heavy fighting has taken place in and around the city.

While Jenin is now occupied by “palestinian” Arabs, over one hundred years ago there was a growing Jewish community there, that was ethnically cleansed in the early 1900s.

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