Arabs Attack Jewish Homes In Jerusalem

by Micha Gefen

Arabs in eastern Jerusalem attacked the Jewish community of Beit Orot with firebombs and fireworks late Saturday night.

Attacks have been picking up throughout Israel indiscriminate of either side of the Green Line. From Jerusalem to Elad, Kiryat Arba to the Shomron, Arabs have become emboldened by a lack of coherent response from the Bennett government who appears to nervous to take on the Arab uprising out of fear that the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated party Ra’am will bolt the government.

This evening serious altercations were reported just outside of Bat Ayin as well as Kiryat Arba where heavy gunfire was said to be shot into civilian areas.

Without a firm hand, the Arab violence will only accelerated and spread to all parts of the county. The challenge is this government lacks the ability to wield the sort of strength needed to put down the slow moving intifada before its fire grows large enough to burn the state down.

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