Anti-Semitism Is In Full Swing Across The Globe

by Phil Schneider

Has anti-semitism begun to rear it’s head again in the world? A better way of putting it is that anti-semitism has never stopped being a major issue in the world. It just was dampened for a few decades after the Holocaust. It was there, but it was latent. Now, in ways that seem unprecedented, it is coming out into the open and affecting the lives of more and more people. This is not just a wave that will ebb and flow. It is a growing movement that we must not ignore.

Anti-Semitism goes back as long as the Jewish people do. Nearly 4,000 years of anti-semitism has shown us that it exists in all kinds of forms. It cuts across cultures, continents, and centuries. The Jewish people are blamed for being too rich and too poor. They are blamed for having too much power and for being powerless. They are blamed for being Communists and Capitalists. The truth is that all of the above are true.

There are many rich Jews. There are many poor Jews. There are many powerful Jews and many powerless Jews. Jews indeed made up a significant part of the Communist movement and still do today. On the other hand, Jewish people comprise some of the most powerful Capitalists in the world. The point is that the haters will always find a reason to pin their hate on. The main thing is that the target of the hate is the Jew. The reason is merely the excuse.

The anti-Jewish movement has recently tacked on a major accomplishment. They blame the Israel Defense Forces for being the Goliath who slays the innocent David. Well, this, on the other hand is a clear and blatant lie. Yes, the Israel Defense Forces are indeed powerful. But the so-called “Palestinian people” are certainly nothing like a small innocent “David.” Actually, they are not even a people. They are part of the tens of millions of Arabs who live in the Middle East, from Syria to Lebanon, to Saudi Arabia, and into Africa. Some of the Arabs wish to live peacefully with the State of Israel. But tens of millions of Arabs pray and struggle to destroy the Jewish people in the State of Israel.

It is our hope that the haters and the truly violent people who strive to kill Jews continue to fight among themselves while we continue to build up a powerful and unified State of Israel.

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