What is the #1 Hidden Cause of Death in the United States today?

by Phil Schneider

Most people think that crime is the leading cause of death today in America. That may be true. But there are other hidden causes. One of the hidden causes is sickness that lead to drug overdose. But another one of the causes which is often overlooked is abortion. Of course, everything relating to abortion is considered a taboo topic by so many. But in truth, it should be discussed and differing opinions on this super-emotional topic should be out in the open. It is indeed a complex issue.

The illegal leak of the Supreme Court perhaps reversing the Roe v. Wade decision does not state that abortion will be illegal. It would place the decision in the hands of State voters. That doesn’t seem so controversial. But anything relating to abortion is a third-rail issue. So, now, it has taken over as the national cause #1 that is uniting the left in a seemingly hysterical defense over the rights of women to have an abortion.

Any way one looks at it – it’s complicated. At what stage is a fetus considered a live human being. Is it only at birth? So, at 8 or 9 months, a fetus is nothing but a personal choice of a woman? If the Supreme Court chooses to move this decision to the hands of the States, it will certainly mean that in some States it will be illegal, and in others, it will be legal.

This is furthering the fractiousness within the United States. There is no easy solution to this issue. But we need to learn to work things out between different parts of our society.

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