BDS Groups Threaten War Against Jews

by Gavriel Dan

BDS groups are increasingly removing their masks and revealing what their true intentions really are.

The real intention of BDS groups is to wipe out Israel completely. By stating they want “palestine” to be free, they fully admit in their protests that Israel “should get out” of the Middle East. In the above video, one can hear the protest leader saying “by any means necessary.”

BDS protestors are now openly supporting Hamas and Islamic Jihad. These are two groups that have been labeled as terrorist entities by the US State Department.

The BDS movement has never been well intentioned. Rather, it is a movement designed to suck in college age students when they are the most vulnerable to believing “woke” ideology and intersectionality. BDS tries to compare the “palestinian struggle” to the very real struggle of Africans in South Africa.

In Israel there are Arabs that serve on the Supreme Court, work as doctors, and enjoy access to all levels of society. Apartheid in South Africa did the exact opposite for indigenous Africans.

BDS propagates lies about the indigenous status of the “palestinians.” After all, if Jews are really “colonizers” then BDS would have a leg to stand on. However, the Jewish people have always lived in the Land of Israel.

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