Five Surprising Facts You May Not Have Known About Israel

by Phil Schneider

There is much about Israel that is not often reported. The amount of violence that is shown on world reports are way out of proportion to the actual amount of violence that is experienced in Israel on a daily level. Yes, problems exist and there is a very real dispute in the Land of Israel. But, here are a few things that very few people are aware of that enrich life in Israel for so many people.

The most fascinating aspect of this video is the stark fact that Israel has more museums per capita than anywhere else in the entire world. This is often underappreciated, even by Israelis. But anybody who walks down the streets of Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv will find that small and large museums are literally everywhere.

A country that is filled with museums is a country that learns lessons from it’s past. This is a super-healthy situation. It is not mere nostalgia. It is a result of genuine interest in Israel’s amazing story of creation and survival. Tour guides are some of the most respected people in Israel because of their ability to communicate the stories and lessons of previous generations to the future generations.

For all of these reasons and so many others, Israel is indeed one of the happiest places to be in the entire world.

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