“Palestinian” refugee dispels myths about the history of Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The history of Israel is fascinating. Anyone who is willing to delve deep into the truth will be surprised by what they will discover.

Mark Halawa

Mark Halawa was a so-called “Palestinian” refugee. That is until he discovered his Jewish roots. Then everything became different.

Changing his whole life around after already having spent years believing something else, Halawa now spreads the truth about Israel and the Jewish people.

And because of his unique background, he is credible and trustworthy. He knows both sides of the story. And he has chosen the truth.

What he says is so important. It is also so obvious. How can anyone still deny that Israel is a Jewish state and belongs to the Jewish people?

The History of Israel

The history of Israel and the Jewish people is unique. And so much of what you will hear on the media is just not true. Many try to twist the truth and remove the Jewish connection to Israel. But the Jewish people are even called the people of Israel!

How can anyone try to separate an ancient people from their ancient land?

Mark Halawa gives over the facts in this video. Arab states deny it, and so do many other leaders and people. But was there ever even an Arab country called “Palestine?” Not according to any history, Bible, or facts. Archaeology proves otherwise as well.

It is time for the Arab world and the world at large to stop denying history and start accepting reality.

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