Syrian Sources: Israeli Jets Bomb Iranian Positions in Syria

by Avi Abelow

Syrian sources report that Israeli jets bombed several areas near Damascus as well as in southern Syria. The head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor said that “Israeli forces bombarded for an hour positions in the southern and south-western suburbs of Damascus.  They also bombed in the south of Syria at the border of Quneitra province.”

Iranian Positions

The Observatory claimed that two Israeli missiles hit Iranian military compounds in Syria.  They hit weapons depots that belonged to the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group as well as Iranian forces.

Syrian state media reported that Syrian surface to air missiles downed a number of “hostile targets” close to the capital.

“Our air defenses fired on hostile targets over the Kisweh area and downed them,” the official SANA news agency reported, citing a military source. You can see their surface to air missile fire in the above video.

However, the IDF issued a statement that no Israeli jets were hit, and Russia’s News Agency even apologized for the false report of the downed Israeli plane.

Syrian Missile Found in Israel

Apparently the remnants of the missile found was one of the Syrian surface-to-air missiles shot at Israeli jets in the sky. They landed in the Israeli Golan territory.

Israel has not taken responsibility for the strike. However, it Israel is responsible, then this is great news. Russia provided Syria with advanced S-300 surface to air missiles to stop Israeli air attacks on Iranian targets in Syria. If this attack was done by Israel, then it shows that Israel is overcoming the challenge of the Russian S-300 missile defense system.

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