Israeli startup helps stop road accidents

by Leah Rosenberg

Every Israeli startup is unique. And this new technology made by Israel is no different. Driving is about to become a lot safer!

Road Accidents

Driving can be scary if there are irresponsible drivers on the road. Many drivers are not able to stop themselves from driving even when they are tired or not able to focus.  The result is many accidents that could have easily been avoided if drivers were more responsible and more attentive.

Everyone wants to do something about it and try to help prevent road accidents.  And who took charge to try to change the world for the better? An Israeli startup, of course!

The Israeli Startup Helping the World

Saving the world does not only have to occur with a major medical breakthrough or life-changing surgery.

It can also be on a slightly smaller scale – which is not even so small. Helping prevent accidents is, in fact, not small at all. And that is what the Israeli startup eyeSight is doing.

Their technology helps detect when drivers are being inattentive or falling asleep at the wheel. It also detects other personal important facts about a person.  Because drivers who are not focused on the road is the number one cause of accidents, this technology is crucial. It can alert inattentive drivers to look at the road.

This Israeli startup is truly amazing, and Israel just keeps giving so much to the world.

You Want to Boycott Israel?

At the end of the day, it seems inconvenient and foolish to boycott Israel. Israel has contributed so much good to the world that it would be nearly impossible to boycott everything that Israel has contributed to.

And why would anyone want to boycott democracy? Innovation? Peace? Equality? Or anything else that Israel stands for?  So before you decide to boycott Israel, think again.  It might be the wrong choice.



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