Canadian Politician Pays Tribute to Expulsion of Jews Ignored by World

by Avi Abelow

The expulsion of over 850,000 Jews from Arab countries & Iran is a story of injustice that must be remembered.  The rights of its victims must be addressed. Canadian MK David Sweet is one of the only politicians around the world who pays tribute to the 850,000 expelled Jews.

Thank You Canadian MK David Sweet

The Real Nakba

When people today hear the word “nakba” they know that it refers to the “disaster” of 700,000 Arabs who became refugees.  How?  They lost their homes in the war against the Jews in 1948.

However, the nakba is a big lie. The Arab world launched a war to destroy Israel and throw the Jews into the sea. The Arabs lost their homes in that war, which Israel miraculously won! They lost their homes because of their Arab brethren. It is the Arab Muslim world that should be responsible to resettle all those refugees today. The world should stop blaming Israel and expecting Israel to take in millions of Arab refugees.  The Arabs lost their homes due to the Arab Muslim aggression against the Jews.

The true nakba that hardly anybody talks about is the disaster that the 850,000 Jews who lived in the Arab Muslim world experienced. They were run out of their homes with nothing but the shirts on their backs. Jews were harassed in the streets, and some were even killed.  The Arabs forced them to run away with nothing. Still today those Jews have yet to be reimbursed for all their homes, properties, belongings and stores that were taken away from them.

Jews vs. Arab Muslims

All 850,000 of those Jews who lost everything to their Arab Muslim host countries moved on to become citizens of either Israel or other countries. Most of them were absorbed as citizens by Israel. They all started from scratch and moved on with their lives to be productive citizens of society.  And, they raised families to do so as well.

On the other hand the 700,000 Arabs who lost their homes due to the Arab aggression, were left to live as refugees in refugee camps in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. They and their descendants still live in those refugee camps today, 70 years later!

It is time the world recognize the horrible expulsion of 850,000 Jews from the Arab Muslim world.  It is time that the world start to blame the Arab Muslim world for the horrendous situation of the 700,000 Arab refugees and their descendants today. They were used as pawns by the Arab Muslim world, and are still treated as pawns today.

Arab Incitement
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