Palestinian Authority Police Beat up Arabs Protesting the Palestinian Authority Sanctions against Gaza

by Avi Abelow

This is a story that totally bursts the bubble of the fake news that the mainstream media has been reporting about Israel and Gaza. The economic sanctions against Gaza, that have economically strangled Gaza, are being imposed by the Palestinian Authority NOT Israel. Share this truth with everyone you can!

Thousands of Arabs in Ramallah came out to protest against Mahmoud Abbas for imposing these sanctions against Gaza. They are NOT protesting against Israel.

Palestinian Authority security forces fire tear gas and used violence to disperse demonstrators. Yes, you read that correctly, it is the Palestinian Authority imposing sanctions on Gaza, NOT Israel. It is the Palestinian Authority beating their own people for protesting. Israel has nothing to do with this.

The Protests

Thousands came out to protest in the streets of Ramallah. The Palestinian Authority security forces fired tear gas, stun grenades and shot bullets into the air. Forces dressed in civilian clothes also tried to stop all pictures and video recording of their violence. They confiscated cameras and smartphones, even breaking a few of them. In addition, they attempted to break or confiscate cameras and erase memory cards. They arrested some journalists and ordered them not to interview demonstrators.

Security forces in riot gear also wielded batons and used Taser weapons against protesters, with dozens of people carried away and arrested.

The protesters were calling for an end to the Palestinian Authority sanctions against Gaza

The ‘Campaign to Lift Palestinian Authority Sanctions on Gaza’

The ‘Campaign to Lift Palestinian Authority Sanctions on Gaza’ is spreading. Here is a facebook post calling for more protests. (The English translation is below)

“We invite the masses in the occupied bank to join on Wednesday, 20/6/2018, at the door of the alley-Bethlehem, at 20/6/2018 pm, to call on the Palestinian authority to abolish punitive measures imposed on our people in the Gaza strip to say: one people, one One enemy, one fate.”

“At a time when Gaza is fighting alone, and the people of our people are responding to the Israeli occupying forces in major return marches, and with the deteriorating health and economic conditions due to the blockade, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas continues to impose a package of punitive measures. Over a million Palestinians in the Gaza strip since 2017 have led to a rapid and extremely dangerous deterioration of humanitarian and economic conditions.”

“Punitive measures imposed by the president have affected the health sector, electricity, staff salaries, supplies and operational expenses, and have resulted in the suspension of part of medical transfers, denial of ill-treatment of patients and injuries from Gaza and treatment.”

“Protesters accused the PA of threatening and attempting to intimidate activists participating in the ‘Campaign to Lift PA Sanctions on Gaza’.”

So Why the Hamas Gaza Border Protests against Israel?

Hamas took over the Gaza strip with a military coup against the Palestinian Authority back in 2007. Hamas murdered Palestinian Authority officials in the streets of Gaza and threw them off of roofs. The Palestinian Authority has never forgiven Hamas for this military coup against them. Since then they lost all control of the Gaza strip.

Recently Mahmoud Abbas decided to punish Hamas by imposing economic sanctions on Gaza. It is due to the economic sanctions imposed by the Palestinian Authority that Gaza has less electicity, less water, less money for everything.

Gazan Arabs are upset, and they know that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are responsible for their suffering, but Hamas does not want them to revolt against them. Instead, Hamas started the mass border protests to get the masses to protest against Israel. These border marches are a deflection so that the masses don’t revolt against them.

Hamas also knows that it gains public support when it fights Israel. So these border protests against Israel are a win-win for Hamas. They stop Gazans from protesting against them, and they gain brownie points by organizing protests against Israel.

Arab tweets about the protest against the Palestinian Authority

These tweets are lying to the world. They twist the truth about the situation to blame Israel

Israel is not involved in this at all, this is an internal Arab riot. Israel has nothing to do with it, but yet some of them tweet to the world that Israel is behind it.

Some are tweeting the truth

Arabs on camera admitting they are protesting the sanctions against Gaza


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