IDF destroys an underwater Hamas terror tunnel

by Leah Rosenberg

Hamas has come up with a new terror tactic alongside everything else they have tried. They are now building terror tunnels underwater. You probably haven’t heard about these Hamas terror tunnels in the mainstream media.

Hamas Terror Tunnels

Hamas has been building terror tunnels for years. The IDF has destroyed many. Why does Hamas build them? To destroy Israel. And why does the IDF destroy these tunnels? To protect its citizens. These terror tunnels lead to Israeli land, and Hamas’ goal is to carry out terror attacks and kidnappings. And now they are building terror tunnels underwater.

The world might want to blame the IDF, but if the IDF was not as strong and forceful as they are, Israel and its people would be in trouble.

IDF Destroys Underwater Terror Tunnel

The IDF has destroyed a Hamas underwater terror tunnel. Why don’t you hear about this on the news? Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting how Hamas is trying to destroy Israel and murder its people? They are too busy blaming Israel for protecting itself to notice the truth. Will Israel be condemned for destroying a TERROR tunnel? It wouldn’t be surprising if they were, given the complete bias against Israel.

Where is the Outcry

Where is the international outcry when a terrorist organization builds underwater terror tunnels? The fact that the media doesn’t properly educate the world about what is happening with Israel and its surrounding neighbors is clear discrimination against Israel.

Hamas’ goal is to obliterate the one Jewish country. That is why they build tunnels and are trying to infiltrate the Gaza border. They clearly state their goals. And somehow, the world still seems to defend them and blame Israel.

That is just absurd.

Motivation for Terror
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