Israel Bombs Hamas Terror Tunnel in Gaza

by Avi Abelow

A day after Hamas-orchestrated rioting on the Gaza-Israel border, Israel destroys another Hamas terror tunnel in the Northern Gaza strip.

IDF visual illustration

IDF Response

On Saturday night, IAF fighter jets thwarted an additional offensive terror tunnel dug by the Hamas terror organization in the area of the Erez Crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.

The terrorists dug the tunnel in the security parameter, only a number of meters away from Israeli territory. They aimed to infiltrate Israeli communities adjacent to the security fence, near the Erez humanitarian crossing.

The identification and thwarting of the terror tunnel is part of an ongoing effort to prevent the Gaza terror organizations, led by the Hamas terror organization, from carrying out underground terror activities. The IDF’s operational, intelligence and technological initiative has increased over the last year and uses new, advanced and ever-evolving technologies such as the one that accurately detects tunnels before crossing the security fence. Meanwhile, the underground security barrier continues to be constructed.

The Terror Tunnel

The terror tunnel destroyed tonight was near the Erez humanitarian crossing. It is used for humanitarian pedestrian use and is connected to the terror tunnel that was dug under the Kerem Shalom humanitarian crossing before being thwarted this past January. The terror tunnels prove the Hamas terrorist organization’s cynicism towards the residents of the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas terror organization continues to invest its resources in constructing terror tunnels and sabotaging humanitarian efforts offered by Israel and other countries for the people of Gaza instead of investing in the Gaza Strip and its peoples’ welfare.

Over the last number of weeks, the Hamas terror organization has worked vigorously to turn the area surrounding the security fence and the security parameter into a terror and combat zone. The violent riots continue disguising terror attempts both above and below ground – with tonight’s thwarted tunnel serving as additional proof. The IDF will not allow this effort to succeed. They will continue operating in a systematic and accurate fashion to prevent it.

The IDF warns Palestinian civilians against approaching the security fence during the violent events planned for this week. They will not allow Israeli civilians or Israeli sovereignty to be jeopardized.  The IDF will continue operating with determination in the face of terror both above and below the ground.

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