Israel Wins EUROVISION. Europe is in Shock

by Avi Abelow

Anti-Israel Europeans are in shock! Eurovision officials forbid the broadcasters from introducing the Israeli judge with the traditional “hello Jerusalem”. Instead, Israeli winner Neta Barzilai shocked them with an EPIC winning statement!

The Winning Moment

The Winning Statement

After winning Eurovision 2018, Neta Barzilai exclaimed, “I’m so happy, thanks for choosing difference, thank you for celebrating diversity. I LOVE MY COUNTRY. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM!!!

Anti-Israel Activists in Shock

The Israeli song “Toy” was considered one of the favorites to win the Eurovision contest. Before the contest, last year’s winner, who hands over the trophy to this year’s winner, was interviewed. He was asked how he would feel handing over the trophy to Israel. His response in the following video represents much of the anti-Israel sentiment that exists in Europe. Yet, Israel won the popular vote and Europe is in shock! They didn’t want to mention Jerusalem in the broadcast, so Neta mentioned it. Not only that. They didn’t want to mention Jerusalem.  Now they will actually produce Eurovision 2019 in Jerusalem! Talk about karma!!! Europe is against Jerusalem being recognized as Israel’s capital, and now their number one event will take place next year in Jerusalem!

Anti-Israel activists around the world were extremely busy trying to get people to NOT vote for Israel. But they failed, big time!!!

Can Israel be stopped from winning #Eurovision?

— Electronic Intifada (@intifada) May 12, 2018

Israel is Celebrating at 2AM!!

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