Leftists bash pro-Israel, anti-affirmative action Education official

by Leah Rosenberg

The United States Senate recently confirmed Kenneth L. Marcus in the Education Department. He is pro-Israel, anti-affirmative action, and leftists are, of course, bashing him.

Being Pro-Israel

Being pro-Israel comes along with getting bashed by the left. Apparently, “progressives” don’t like democracy. Israel is a democracy – the only one in the region. And the left seems to be against what Israel stands for. What has the world come to?

Who is Against Marcus?

It is interesting to note who is against Marcus overseeing civil rights enforcement in Betsy DeVos’ Department of Education. Who could it possibly be? The staff attorney for “Palestine” legal – someone who supports terrorism and is anti-Israel. THAT is who! Of course she is against anyone who is pro-Israel! She believes that at the Gaza border, “peaceful” protesters are being killed. In reality, Hamas operatives are being stopped from entering Israeli territory – by whatever means are necessary. Hamas is a terrorist organization, and by calling them “peaceful” protesters, she is supporting terrorism.

Anti Affirmative Action

The left also claims that Marcus is against equal opportunities being that he is against affirmative action. They twist what affirmative action means and what Marcus’s views are. Affirmative action is not about equal opportunity but rather about equality of outcome. THAT is what he is against. He is pro hard work and every other important thing that goes along with a productive workplace.

The left just wants to control everything. When someone with different beliefs reaches a position of power, they feel the need to bash them.

The left can bash all they want, but at the end of the day, truth will prevail. The right will triumph over the wrong, and the Left will be left with nothing but their degrading belief system.

Arab Incitement
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