Palestinian Arab leadership encourages hate and violence against Jews in speech on official TV station

by Leah Rosenberg

The Palestinian Arab leadership glorifies hate and murder and preaches these ideas. They incite violence and do not offer hope for a future with peace.

The Palestinian Arab leadership

How can we expect to have peace when the official authority and leadership over the Palestinian Arab people preaches such hatred? Listen to their vile words. They curse the Jews. They hate the Jews. And the next generation will as well if this is the type of education they are receiving.

Look at the textbooks. Look at what they teach children in schools. Violence. Hate. Murder. It is all documented, all on video. It is all true.

The Jews Teach with Love

The Jewish people raise their children with love, not hate. With building, not destroying. And with creating, not murdering. In Israel, despite all the threats, the Jews are strong, thankful, and grateful for their land. They praise God for choosing them and giving them a homeland. If you study the differences between the Jewish people and the Palestinian Arabs and the Jewish leadership and the Palestinian Arab leadership, you will see such stark contrasts. If only the world could see the truth as well.


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