The Next World War Begins in Afghanistan

by David Mark

The West is in a process of disintegration. Its culture is empty and politicians lack the ideological acumen to keep their countries going in a competitive way. America’s pull out from Afghanistan has broad implications on Central Asia and the future of the world.

With the USA out and looking like they are staying out and the West trapped in Woke slogans and a loss of cultural identity, traditional indigenous players are lining up to fight over Afghanistan for different reasons.

With China and Pakistan allied against India – their alliance regarding Afghanistan is only natural. It is no secret that Pakistan’s ISI helped the Taliban conquer the Panjsher Valley and China has pledged 31 million dollars in humanitarian funds to the Taliban. What is their interest? One is to check India, but the other is the vast mineral wealth in Afghanistan. Most importantly for China is the lithium found there – said to be the most in the world. China needs it for its lithium battery production.

Russia and India along with Iran make up the other grouping. While this far from an alliance the three see the Taliban a a danger for increased terrorism in their country. Pakistan and India hate each other and Russia wants to check China now. Iran sees any long term conflict or chaos resulting in the destabilizing of their own fragile hold over their citizens.

The West is on retreat and the world’s focus is transferring eastward to the ancient cultures of the Sub Indian Continent, Central Asia, and China. Israel is already preparing for the day after America, by allying with India and securing a pact of neutrality with Russia. The process may see chaotic, but danger is only for those who do not seize the moment to move forward and away from the West.

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