Protests Expand In Israel Over COVID-19 Vaccinations and Restrictions

by Gavriel Dan

Israel is the most vaccinated country per capita in the world and yet COVID-19 is increasing throughout every sector. The government continues to push vaccinations as a solution within the context of further restrictions designed to push people to a vaccine that seems to have less efficacy than was believed.

Within this context, Israelis from across the political spectrum began protesting the crippling coronavirus regulations and pressure to vaccinate with a vaccine that is losing its effectivity.

After 3 lockdowns and an off again and again mask policy, the government had been hoping to tame the virus. Unfortunately it only made matters worse. Instead of giving in however, the Bennett government has done the opposite with Bennett suggesting that vaccine refusers are a “danger” to the state.

The interesting aspect of these protests is that they cut across political lines. More than that they are an admixture of non-religious and religious people protesting together.

If anything, the controversy behind the way the Israeli government has rolled out its response to COVID-19 has made former enemies friends and given way to the Israel street to help.

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