Trump Gives it to Biden Administration for “Stupidity” with Afghanistan

by Phil Schneider

Donald Trump made it clear that he intended to remove the United States military from Afghanistan. So, does he have the moral standing to criticize President Biden about the removal of US forces from Afghanistan? Yes. He is absolutely right in saying that he would never have removed the forces from Afghanistan and leave billions of dollars of weapons for the Taliban. Everybody knows that Trump may shoot off his mouth from time to time, but he doesn’t make decisions that cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars.

Is Joe Biden making stupid decisions? Perhaps. It probably is more that Biden is not actually making any decisions. The general attitude that many have espoused that Joe Biden has decided to make a radical transformation and become a radical socialist is probably a long-shot. The odds are much higher that Biden is indeed not able to make true decisions and is being handled by those who actually appreciate not having to take the blame for radical decisions they make. After all, they can look the other way when people ask, “Who is behind these decisions?” Once blame can be distributed among tens of different people, there is no real accountability. That is the perverse situation that we are in now. Biden looks like he is in charge, but really he is not. And nobody is accountable. That is a very dangerous situation.

So when former President Trump attacks Joe Biden, it doesn’t really change anything. The only thing that will truly make a major change is a radical sweep in 2022, and even more, a change in 2024 in the Oval Office. But Trump is right about the absolute stupidity of the policy on Afghanistan. We will probably understand how serious the mistake was in the coming years.

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