New York Jewry is a target. Why is the Left silent?

by Leah Rosenberg

What is happening in New York is frightening. Jews in New York are being targeted unlike ever before. The number of antisemitic attacks are rising.

New York Jewry

Jews have made their home in New York for hundreds of years. But now, New York Jewry is being threatened. Attacks are incessant, and not by “white supremacists”. Verbal and physical assaults have sadly become the norm it seems. The Jewish people do not want to have to feel scared to publicly display their religion. What decade are we living in that this is still an issue?

But the question not only is what decade are we living in that this is still a problem, it is what decade are we living in that leaders are not standing up and taking action?

The Plea to Democrats

People are begging the Democratic politicians in the district (and the world) to say something! To condemn antisemitism! To take action! This video talks about multiple types of antisemitism. And the problem is that many Democrats are not taking all of them seriously. They are ignoring the anti-Zionism piece, and that just allows antisemitism to continue. Not only do they ignore it, but many are actually encouraging anti-Zionism instead of stopping it.

And to play the card and say it is okay to “condemn” Israel’s government is just wrong. Because that is not what this is about. Israel is a democracy. People DO disagree with and condemn the government. But anti-Zionism is much more. And those who cannot admit that are antisemitic themselves, even if they refuse to acknowledge it.

Motivation for Terror
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